NYSSPE Rockland Chapter Holds Successful STEM Engineering Conference for High School Students

12-2-13 NYSSPE Rockland Chapter Holds Successful STEM Engineering Conference for High School StudentsThe Rockland County Chapter, NYSSPE continued for yet another year its ongoing joint STEM Engineering Conference in partnership with the American Association of University Women’s (AAUW) Sub-Committee on Engineering of the STEM Program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

The event was held on November 19th at the Nanuet Library in Rockland County, New York.  The goal of the event is to inform high school students about STEM career opportunities and the NYSSPE Rockland Chapter focused its presentation of course on engineering.

12-2-13 NYSSPE Rockland Chapter Anthony Fasano, P.E., NYSSPE Executive Director and former Rockland Chapter President, gave an “Engineering 101” presentation to the students, parents and guidance counselors in attendance.  The presentation covered various engineering disciplines and provided examples of typical projects within each discipline.

Samuel Sia, Ph.D., Associate Professor of bio-medical engineering at Columbia University, also gave a presentation on his work in the bio-medical field.

The event was again a success with over 50 high school students and their parents from all over Rockland County.  The audience was very engaged during the presentations as there were many questions asked about engineering careers, by both the students and parents.  There was also a panel of engineers at the end of the event to field more questions from the attendees.

In addition to providing educational information to high school students about careers in various engineering disciplines through this event, the NYSSPE Rockland Chapter also awards yearly scholarships to Rockland County High School students pursuing careers in engineering.  They have given out approximately $100,000 in the last 10 years.  Click here for details about their scholarship program.

Another upcoming STEM event in the Lower Hudson Valley will be the annual Engineering EXPO at White Plains High School on March 30thFor details click here.

Note: NYSSPE facilitates posting on this blog, but the views and accounts expressed herein are those of the author(s) and not the views or accounts of NYSSPE, its officers or directors whose views and accounts may or may not be similar or identical.  NYSSPE, its officers and directors do not express any opinion regarding any product or service by virtue of reference to such product or service in this blog.

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