NYSSPE Summary of New York State Board for Engineering and Land Surveying Meeting

The following is a summary of the New York State Board for Engineering and Land Surveying regular meeting on 9-13-13 provided by Mark C. Kriss, Esq. in attendance during the public portion of the meeting.

The Executive Secretary reminded the Board that effective January 1, 2014 the NCEES FE and FS exams will be administered exclusively via computer at approved centers throughout the country.  (Detailed information is available at ncees.org.)

The Board has scheduled it’s next meeting to coincide with the New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE) Fall Meeting in Troy, NY in November .

A report of the Legislative Committee referenced a number of pending bills and engendered discussion regarding: A6808 College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (City of Yonkers); A6860 Mandatory Malpractice Insurance; A3579 Increased Autonomy for the Canal Corporation; A3081 Direct Sanctions re: PEs via NYC Department of Buildings; A 4753 Licensure of Geologists; and S326 SUNY provision of seismic services.

Additional legislation mentioned included proposals to broaden the definition of practice for land surveyors, bills to broaden the use of design build and proposals to require a bachelor’s degree or equivalent or higher for PE licensure.

The Board had an extensive discussion regarding the requisites needed to sit for the FE examination.   A key proposal discussed would permit a prospective licensee to sit for the FE exam when the applicant is within 32 credit hours of graduation from an ABET approved degree program in engineering or engineering technology.  The Board also discussed a possible legislative change that would change the title of the current “Intern Engineer” certificate to “Engineer -In-Training”.  The Board recommended legislative changes in this area, and along with requiring a BS degree or its equivalent or higher for PE licensure this is strongly supported by NYSSPE.

The Board discussed potential changes  to the continuing education requirements to allow credits for engineering project management related topics.  Courses focused on engineering project  management including contracts, quality management, health and safety, and related matters, as opposed to courses focused on business development and profitability , were generally viewed favorably.

The Board submitted a recommendation to the Department on design build projects for consideration.  These recommendations will help to inform the Department and its  understanding of this critcal issue .

The Board discussed the steps underway to recognize the new discipline of software engineering.

A discussion focused on new regulations in NYC regarding energy audits and the requirement for supervision and approval by PEs or RAs.  Inspectors working under licensed PEs and RAs will require credentialing as inspectors. The Board agreed this was an appropriate approach to the provisionof this type of engineering services.

Note: NYSSPE facilitates posting on this blog, but the views and accounts expressed herein are those of the author(s) and not the views or accounts of NYSSPE, its officers or directors whose views and accounts may or may not be similar or identical.  NYSSPE, its officers and directors do not express any opinion regarding any product or service by virtue of reference to such product or service in this blog.

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2 Responses to NYSSPE Summary of New York State Board for Engineering and Land Surveying Meeting

  1. William Simmons says:

    What if a junior engineer is working in a field office in New York for 3 years and 4 months without any senior supervising Professional Engineer over him in the field office to review his daily work as the main office is in Texas .
    Can this time be counted when he has files for taking his New York State Professional Engineering license as he has about 3 years 5 months with the Archecturial/Engineering firm.
    I think this question would fit under the high standards and ethics and quality assurance as being a P.E. and your standards.

  2. nysspeblog says:

    Good question William give our office a call and we will try to help you out or point you in the right direction.

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