The NYSSPE Participates in The Capital District’s 33rd Anniversary Celebration Of National Engineers Week

Capital District E-weekThe New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE) participated in the 33rd Annual Capital District E-week celebration.  The NYSSPE is one of more than 10 Professional Associations that work together to make this event happen.

The event this year was again a huge success.  Over 800 licensed professional engineers from across the State attended the event!  There were over 60 continuing education courses offered for engineers during the event as well as a model bridge competition for high school students.

The Capital District E-Week’s focus is to promote the Engineering Profession.  The purpose of this event is to raise public awareness of engineers’ positive contributions to quality of life, promote the importance of a technical education including a high level of math, science and technology literacy among parents, teachers and students, and motivate youth to pursue engineering and related careers to provide a diverse and vigorous engineering workforce.

NYSSPE Capital District E-week BoothIn support of these goals, the E-Week event has financially supported the local Capital District Future City Competition, Capital District Robotics team, AWMA Earth Day Grant and both the Capital District and New York State MathCounts program.  E-Week also plans and holds the Model Bridge Competition for high school students and presents awards to the winners.  In addition, E-Week has supported HVCC/ASCE Steel Bridge Competition for college students.

Jennifer Miller of the NYSSPE is the Capital District E-week coordinator, while Patricia Markes of the NYSSPE manages the finances for the Capital District E-week.

Proceeds from E-Week are graciously used to help support these worthwhile student activities. For more information about the event, visit

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2 Responses to The NYSSPE Participates in The Capital District’s 33rd Anniversary Celebration Of National Engineers Week

  1. Graham Wightman says:

    Hello — On this Saturday, March 2, I have been asked to evaluate student science projects for Grades 6-8 in the Corning-Painted Post Area School District. Is there one handout about the engineering profession, appropriate to this age level, that you could email to me that I might print out copies here at home and give them directly to the students on March 2.
    Graham Wightman

  2. nysspeblog says:

    Graham, the NSPE E-week site has a lot of really good stuff on engineering that would be appealing to kids. If you are looking for something more, give us a call. Here is the link:

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